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Multifunctional Seed Plant

Multifunctional Seed Plant

First line: wheat, barley, pea, soybean, sunflower production

Capacity 150-200 tons per day

Second line: flax, coriander, dinkel and other crops production

Capicity 75 tons per day

60 Workers


  • Westrup
  • Cimbria JK Machinery

Stages of niche crops processing

  • 1


    Grain goes to the hopper with capacity eight square meters. Then belt transporter carries it to “Noria” (equipment for vertical grain transportation) and after that to temporary storage units.

  • 2


    1st stage: emoving spikelets, dirt remains, light impurities.

    2st stage: mineral impurities (soil, small stones) removal. Equipment: FA1500 machine (productivity 10 tons per hour). Stone-removing machine KBT100.

  • 3


    Equipment: two grain peeling machines KMPL 1000 (the performance of each – 0,5 to 1 ton per hour).

  • 4


    Sorting grains (pilled grains are separated from unpilled). Removing grain-halves. Equipment: calibrating machine PVT1000 (performance 10 tons per hour) and “Trier G7000” (performance 4 tons per hour).

    After that grain goes through magnet separator for metal and magnetic substances removal.

  • 5


    Picking out grains with shell leftovers (returned to peeling) and damaged grains. Equipment: sorting machine Cimbria (performance 1,5 tons per hour).

  • 6

    Packaging and storing

    Loading and packing in big bags (1 ton).

    Storing in certified warehouses for further selling.

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