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The team «EUROpoligon» continues investigating maize hybrids

14.09.2016 Agro
The team «EUROpoligon» continues investigating maize hybrids

The scientific team of the journal “Grain” came to the Sumy region to the fields of the agricultural company «Victoria» (LNZ Group) for the second time. Here the scientists together with the experts of the agricultural firm held regular investigation of hybrid maize within the project «EUROpoligon».

In the fields of the region the scientists measured the length of the ear of maize, counted the number of seeds and rows in the ear, analyzed the damages and so on. They examined about 70 hybrids in total.

It is too early to make conclusions, but we can speak about some intermediate results. For example, it is already clear that, unlike the Cherkasy region, the hybrids of the Sumy cluster are behind in development for about two weeks, because grain is still poured in them, - said the scientific editor of the journal “Grain”, assistant professor of agriculture and herbology of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences NUBiP of Ukraine Mykola Kosolap.

The scientist also suggests that hybrids yield in the Sumy region may give index of more than 10 tons. But only after the final harvest, - said Mykola Kosolap, - we can  estimate hybrids technologically and economically.

We will lay out the accurate analysis of the results of the current trip in the analytical material, after summarizing the conducted experiments. At the end of the year we will present the best hybrids, which can be further effectively applied by agrarians in their fields, - said the scientist.

By the way, the experts of LNZ Group emphasize that in the future, within the project «EUROpoligon», they may investigate the profitability of not only maize hybrids.

Thanks to this valuable analysis we can get a raise of yields at minimal cost. That is why we are interested to expand the line of the investigated cultures on “EUROpoligon” in the next years, - said the Deputy Director of the Sumy agro-industrial cluster “Agricultural firm “Victoria” LLC Ivan Kaliuzhnyi.

All information on the conducted experiments will be available in the next issue of the journal “Grain” and on the website of the project europoligon.lnz.com.ua.