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The new practice of working with clients

29.08.2016 Group
The new practice of working with clients

This year LNZ Group started a new format of work with clients. In order to pay attention to each client the company decided to stop using big formats of communication with partners and go to practice of personal meetings. So now «Day of Client» is taking place at the facilities of the Lebedinsky seed factory with all 12 agencies of the company.

Before such communication was during «Day of Field», when clients came to the factory from all regions at the same time, and this is 500-600 persons.

But this year we decided to stop celebrating «Day of Field» on a large scale because then we were not able to pay attention to everyone, there was no time to answer all clients’ questions. So now we have changed the format and hold personal meetings when we invite clients individually from each agency, we have twelve agencies, - says the Deputy Director for Management and Development of Agencies of LNZ Group Dmytro Solomoniuk. – That is these are groups of people in an amount from fifteen to twenty-five persons.

Recently, clients from the central agency (Cherkassy and Kirovograd regions) have gathered at the Lebedinsky seed factory. First, the guests had a detailed tour at the factory, then they were demonstrated a unique project of LNZ Group – «Europoligon».

Most clients saw the facilities of LNZ Group for the first time.

It was interesting to see the factory as well as «Europoligon». This is an interesting experience for us. We can see here the impact of different factors on hybrids, - says the agrarian from the Kirovograd region Nataliia Tsybuliova.

The agrarian Serhii Olexandrovych from the left bank of the Cherkassy region has been working with LNZ Group for several years already. But until now he contacted only the manager of the company.

I am also for the first time at the factory. And I can say for sure that it deserves high praise. I also want to note a good attitude of the company to its partners, - says the agrarian. – Such meetings will be useful for sure, because we adopt experience here. Besides, my position is as follows: one should visit those partners who can teach you something. That is why I have come at the invitation LNZ Group.

Dmytro Solomoniuk is sure that thanks to such meetings clients see that LNZ Group is really a reliable partner.

Clients have found that the quality of the products is in the first place for us, because we value long-term relationships, - emphasizes Dmytro Solomoniuk.

During the next two weeks LNZ Group will hold such local meetings with the clients from all 12 agencies. The clients from Sumy will come to the Cherkassy region already on Tuesday.