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The agricultural firm «Victoria» is building a new football field in the Sumy region

15.09.2016 Group
The agricultural firm «Victoria» is building a new football field in the Sumy region

In 2015 the agricultural firm «Victoria» (LNZ Group) built a new modern stadium and a football field in the urban village Mykolayivka. The agiotage among football fans and the achievements of the football club that in a year reached the national level, inspired the president of the football club «Victoria» Serhii Bondarenko (leader of the agricultural firm «Victoria») for further development of the infrastructure of the stadium.

So this year, due to the personal assistance of Serhii Bondarenko, a new sports project has been started – the building of a football field according to the international standards UEFA. The new lawn will have the size of 105x68 meters, will be equipped with automatic watering and modern lighting. The stadium will have three times more seats. Besides, it will be possible to video broadcast football matches from the new field.

Last year our stadium hosted properly the matches of the Amateur Championship of Ukraine as well as the first professional league matches. But the new field will have even more advantages and opportunities. We hope that its building will be an extremely powerful stimulus to develop football not only in Mykolayivka and Sumy region, but in the whole country, because the stadium has been already included in the register of the Football Federation of Ukraine, -says the director of the agricultural firm «Victoria» Serhii Bondarenko.

The company LNZ Group actively supports the development of sports not only in the Sumy region. Then, last year there was built a modern tennis court in the village of Lebedyn, Shpolyansky region, and this year a new modern stadium is built according to the standards UEFA. The opening will take place in autumn.

The village community has repeatedly appealed to us to help in building since before there was a stadium with terrible surface, where it was impossible to do sports and especially to hold football matches, - says Director of the Lebedinsky seed factory Anatolii Tkachenko. - Now there will be a modern sports complex for 300 seats with cloakrooms, bleachers, automatic field watering, fence and lighting.