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«Days of Client» in LNZ Group: agrarian reviews

13.09.2016 Market
«Days of Client» in LNZ Group: agrarian reviews

               Victor Savchuk, agrarian from the Vinnytsia region

       I have repeatedly been on field days, but this format of visits is much better. Clients are given more attention than during a mass event. These trips are very important for personal development, because we learn during them. After visiting the Lebedinsky seed factory I can honestly say that I'm impressed by the facilities. It's nice that Ukraine has such a company.

               Victor Korbut, agrarian from the Vinnytsia region

       For me there is no difference in principle, in what format Day of Client is held - whether a thousand people or 25. Although, if you think about it, it is still in a small team that you can get more answers to your questions, hear more. It's like when you're standing in a queue in a shop, where there are two or twenty-two persons before you. We have been hosted very well today, we saw a lot of interesting things, everyone can certainly learn here something new. We have never been here yet, that is why everything is new to us. We can see that the work at the enterprise is well-organized, people work, get paid and this is the most important thing.

             Victor Adamiak, agrarian from the Zhytomyr region

       Easy format, I like it. I learned a lot of new things during this trip. It was very interesting to visit the Lebedinsky seed factory, to see new technologies. It was also interesting to learn information on seed treatment, which is used in the fields. I learned a lot of useful and interesting things for myself. Thank you.


                 Vitalii Bilyk, agrarian from the Vinnytsia region

       It is much better to hold “Day of Client” with a small number of people. You can ask any question and it's not noisy. This event is much more interesting, because you can hear all the information they want to convey to us. Today I wanted to know about seed factory, in particular, how the production runs, how maize is dried and calibrated. I got the answer. Therefore, I am satisfied. The factory impressed me. It is evident that great work was done and great expenses were incurred. Such measures are necessary for people to understand that Ukraine can do no worse than at European level.

              Mykola Drozdenko, agrarian from the Cherkassy region

       We have been at the factory today. We saw the facilities, we saw that the work was well-organized. This means that these seeds are worth buying. They will be qualitatively processed, cleaned, and calibrated. I am satisfied.