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At speed under sail, - LNZ Group managers learned to work as a team under extreme conditions. The success of any business depends on effective work of a team

27.05.2016 Market
At speed under sail, - LNZ Group managers learned to work as a team under extreme conditions. The success of any business depends on effective work of a team

The leadership of the Distribution direction of LNZ Group follow this rule. So to strengthen team spirit the company organized for its managers vacation on the bank of the Dnieper.

For three days the managers of all twelve offices of LNZ Group exchanged their experience, developed a cooperation plan for the future and had fun. A major highlight of the meeting was sailing regatta under the leadership of the known Ukrainian yachtsman, Olympic silver medalist, European and World champion Rodion Luka. Participation in the regatta, in his opinion, is the best team building.

- In this kind of sports team skills are very important, because it depends on teamwork how the boat will go under sail, - said Rodion Luka. - Sailing extremely socializes. That is, getting in extreme situations, like such race, people start to feel team and each other much faster. I think that such sailing regattas will help all managers of LNZ Group in their further work.

Managers-sportsmen were divided into eight teams, and each had to show their teamwork skills on real yachts. First - a small briefing on land, then another - already on yachts. Next - the race itself. Each team had to go under sail the same distance.

Four teams that covered fastest certain distance participated in the final regatta. Among them was the team whose captain was the manager of the commercial department of Cherkasy office of LNZ Group Alexei Savchenko.

- On the boat we had teamwork, and this means, accordingly, clear and concerted actions. Each had their own responsibilities and tasks. We understood that we had very strong rivals, but we set a clear goal - to take a position no lower than second place. And we did it, - shares his impressions Alex. - In office work we are also guided by clear plans and objectives.

The team from among the members of the company's leadership with the chairman of the supervisory board of LNZ Group Dmitry Kravchenko at the head was the first in the sailing regatta.

Rodion Luka said that this team had won because they had maximum concentration on work and a clear division of responsibilities between them.

- These actions are very important both in sailing and in everyday work, - revealed the secret of success Rodion Luka. - The other teams did not always managed it. That is why there is teambuilding which helps to strengthen team spirit. I am sure that all employees of LNZ Group remained satisfied with the sailing regatta, because not every company in Ukraine can afford to hold such a useful and interesting entertainment for its team.

Similar meetings outside office rally team and significantly improve performance in future work, is convinced manager Elena Hodorozha.

- It is good that LNZ Group conducts such events, - said the manager and suggested the idea for the next joint meeting. - I would like to jump with a parachute.

It should be noted that it is not for the first time that the leadership of Distribution direction organizes for their employees teambuilding activities. Last year it was the Paintball competitions, this year sailing regatta was chosen, as the Deputy Director for Management and Development of offices of LNZ Group Dmitry Solomonyuk says. Football matches are arranged traditionally every year.

- Thus, employees who sell seeds and crop protection products, plunged into conditions which were unusual for them. Of course, it's tough competition, I would say even extreme, but it is work in difficult conditions that best rallies team and gives inspiration to work, - said Dmitry Solomonyuk. - I believe that strengthening the team spirit will for sure lift sales, for the employees will have more strength and inspiration for the work. In addition, this event is another kind of motivation for all team members, and most importantly - understanding that without teamwork it is impossible to move forward.